Why essential oils like Rosehip Oil are now skin care royalty.

Why essential oils like Rosehip Oil are now skin care royalty.

What are essential oils?

Rose hip, the fruit of the rose plant.

The “essence” of this post is skin care for people with very dry skin, conditions such as eczema and why using a moisturiser which contains some essential oils like rosehip oil is all the rage right now. So the essences of these oils are the key components, the important parts, of the plant or fruit in question.


What is Rosehip Oil?

It is the oil (not actually oily) or shall we say, the “essential oil” (not actually essential for anything) that is extracted from Rose hips which are the seed pods of roses as seen in the adjacent image. You may find it interesting to know you can eat these (I wouldn’t eat these personally but knock yourself out) and they contain vitamin C. These are literally the hips of the rose flower. In any event extracting the essential oils from rose hips gives you oil known for its healing properties, which helps if like me, you suffer from eczema and you want to heal and repair your broken skin. Any substance that is going to heal, moisturise and protect your skin is bound to be popular in skin care products, and thus there are many to choose from.


Organic skin care products

So when you think about how to protect your skin and how to heal or repair damaged skin, skin care products that contain rosehip oil are a good place to start. Skin care products which contain rosehip oil, are extremely popular and now widely sort after due to the healing effects of the oil, but also because a few famous people are rumoured to be using it, too. If you choose a moisturiser that contains some rosehip oil, you will most certainly end up with softer skin, that is hydrated and smooth, and it will even help heal broken, dry and damaged skin.


Treating eczema with a Rosehip Oil moisturiser

So anyone who suffers from eczema will tell you that they would do anything to get relief from the symptoms, the embarrassing rash and painful broken skin. You can read forum posts for days about people looking for treatments for eczema. However, ultimately you need to go to your doctor and probably try using a steroid cream if you have a seriously bad outbreak but you can protect your skin with a daily skin care routine and significantly reduce the chance of a flare up. So moisturise, and use a moisturiser that contains rosehip oil because all skin needs protecting but if you have a skin condition, face it you need as much help as you can get. So what else can we do?


Removing soap from your skin care regime completely

The hard truth that we are all aware of really is that soap is going to turn you into an old lady. Don’t use soap if you like having yummy mummy skin. Use soap if you want to smell great and look like Robin Williams in Mrs Doubtfire. So pH balanced fragrance free natural skin wash products are available and you can use them all over your body.  I don’t really need to tell you not to use soap and use a fragrance free alternative; you already know this so start now and find a ph balanced soap alternative today.