"I have been using Michael’s Medi Rub on the Perth Wildcats and on members from the Olympic Athlete Program for a period of 3 months with great success. Michael’s Medi Rub is particularly useful in applying Myofascial release techniques, and has been used in a variety of conditions from muscular strains and sprains, ligament sprains, tendonitis and arthritis. Michael’s Medi Rub absorbs well into the treated tissues and lends itself for treatment of any soft tissue disorder."

"We are also finding that an increasing number of clinic clients purchase the small 75g tubes for home use, to apply during pain periods with arthritis, other muscular ailments or during heavy training periods. We will certainly include Michael’s Medi Rub in the future as an adjunct to our treatments and can, without doubt, recommend it to other soft tissue therapists, physios or the general public."

- Bernd Adolph (Subiaco Sports Massage Clinic – Owner & Head Masseur, Perth Wildcats – Team Masseur 1992 – 2000, Commonwealth Games – Australian Team Masseur 1998, Sydney Olympic Games – Australian Team Masseur 2000)


"I am a 64 year old pensioner lady ho suffers from Osteoarthritis. I have been using Michael’s Medi Rub now for approximately 2 to 2 and a half years. Whenever I go out I rub it on my back, knees and ankles, during winter I also rub it into my hands. I am a walking advertisement for Michael’s Medi Rub. I got my best friend and my sister using it as well. We will never be without it in our homes. I just wanted to say thank you for such a wonderful product!"

- DB


"A short note to let you know that a neighbor of ours recommended your Michael’s Medi Rub. My husband suffers with arthritis in hands and knee, purchased a jar, a few days later he could not believe the relief it has given him. We are in units and four people are using it and all really pleased. If I had a complaint I would put pen to paper, so thought I would let you know how pleased he is. Thank you."

- D.J & L.J


"I must say that Michael’s Medi Rub is not just an alternative, not just an equivalent to NSAID based topical anti-inflammatories, it is superior to all of them!"

- I Tabrizian, Clinical Nutritionist 


"Thanks to your wondrful product, Michael’s Medi Rub. Our Medical team use it to treat the professional dancers in the company, with great satisfaction!"

- S Mayes, Principal Physiotherapist – The Australian Ballet


"Michael’s Medi Rub is the best. After suffering for a year with agonizing arthritis and muscle pain after being hit by a car, I am so relieved to have found a product that really works."

- K Azuma


"I used Prim-E for dry areas on my face and hands for 6 days. I am very pleased as the dryness has virtually gone."

- B Carrol


"I love Michael’s Medi Rub. It worked like a charm and doesn’t have a strong smell."

- S Murray


"Just started using the Michael’s Medi Rub for my arthritis and the results are very good so far."

- D McRoberts


"I have been using Michael’s Medi Rub for a period of 12 months now and have found it to be very effective. My patients particularly like this product because it has a pleasant smell and does not burn their skin. I like the viscosity of the product and have found it to be suitable for trigger point work and soft tissue massage. I am happy to recommend this product to patients and practitioners alike."

- AP (Physiotherapist)


"I love that it is not oily. It is great on dry skin."

- H Nixon


"Thank you! For the last 7 years I had suffered badly with a facial rash. I finally got help from a Dermatologist who diagnosed it to be a form of dermatitis. The only cream I can only put on my face is Micheal’s Prim-E and Olivara Skin Lotion.. And when my skin does flare up, the cream actually takes the burn out of it. So a big thanks goes out to you!"

- M Campbell


"I am absolutely thrilled with Michael’s Prim-E Cream. Most hand creams dry my skin out after a while but yours leaves a lovely soft, lasting smoothness which no other product can achieve. At a reasonable price as welll! Thanks so much from a happy customer!"

- Marie


"This is an inexpensive little gem that provides hydration without leaving your face oily. If you’ve never really bothered with daily moisturisers, Prim-E is a great start!"

- Gillian O’Meagher, Beauty Editor – The West Australian Newspaper


"I love Michael’s Prim-E Cream with Sunscreen. It’s light on my skin, rubs in well and leaves your skin smooth, not too greasy and feeling fresh with that lovely soft fragrance. The sunscreen is a great extra bonus! Well done!"

- Christine


"I recently purchased Medi Rub for my mum and you kindly sent me a gift of Prim-E. I have just finished radiation treatment and it is at its worse. However, within 3 days of using Michael’s Prim-E I have had remarkable improvement! Tomorrow I am going to show the nurses at ROQ how well Prim-E has healed and give them your details. I will continue to use your product! Many thanks."

- V Massey


"It doesn’t leave my skin feeling tight like other washes."

- M Maxwell


"Yes! It cleans my skin without leaving it dry."

- BI


"The entire family uses Michael’s Olivara Skin Wash. It has cleared up my baby’s red rash on her abdomen and improved my dermatitis. My husband even uses Michael’s Olivara Skin Wash to shave and has found it far superior to any shaving cream."

- Faye 


"Your Rash Relief has worked wonders on my child’s dermatitis and cracked skin that he gets in the elbows and at the back of the knees. I also used it on the face for a skin rash and it completely healed it. When I don’t use it, it comes back. I also used your skin-lotion and it was very moisturising and helped with my dry heels."

- V.M


"I just wanted to let you know just how much I love your Olivara Skin lotion!!!! I had very bad dermatitis on my hands due to excessive exposure to chemical cleaners over the years and I had to use a strong cortisone cream everyday to treat it! But ever since I started using this cream last year I have had to use the medicated cream only a few times, and I can keep my condition under control with your cream instead! I also use it on my face and body, and I love that its not greasy and full of fake fragrances and chemicals! I recommend it to everyone, especially when I see people who are suffering from skin conditions. What a fantastic product, thank you!!!"

- B Nazzari


"Thank you for your product, Michael’s Olivara Skin Lotion. It is the first moisturiser that I have used, that my skin can breathe after applying it and I don’t feel like I have to have a bath to clean my skin. Michael’s Olivara Skin Wash is also very good!"

- Janice


"My son is 4 months old and had suffered cradle cap and eczema behind his ears, on his cheeks, forehead, chin and behind his neck for more than 2 months. After having tried countless creams/lotions/corticosteroid and even following the Australian Society of clinical immunology and allergy – as well as GP Pharmacist recommendations – nothing worked. I have constantly been recommended by Mums to use Olive Oil, but I was never keen on this. So as an alternative I searched for an “Olive Oil based” product. This is how I came across Michael’s Olivara Skin Cream. My son’s eczema/cradle cap was quite extensive, horrible in appearance and SUPER itchy. IN JUST 3 DAYS YOUR OLIVARA SKIN CREAM CURED HIM! It is a miracle before myself and my family’s eyes to see how my son’s skin is now supple, smooth and absolutely flake free. THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!"

- Faye W


"I found this treatment for my dry, flaking and sometimes itchy skin, very beneficial."

- D Marshall


"I have been a eczema sufferer for 41 years in that time I have tried many products some with adverse reactions leaving me with infected eczema and in hospital. I find the entire MichaelsRange to be a god send I use everything from the wash to the lotions and creams when my skin is not having an out break. During an outbreak I use the Michaels Dermo Relief and find by morning after using my redness has almost gone and rash has subsided quite significantly the results are outstanding and my friends and co-workers have been amazed with the results. Eczema is a debilitating disease and can be depressing and life altering so for me to have found a product that works has been amazing. Thank you Michaels!!!"

- L Molloy, Friendlies Chemist 

"Shortly after having my two children I developed allergic dermatitis on my hand due to harsh detergents and not wearing gloves. This resulted in losing the protective layer of my skin. My hands were terrible, red raw, itchy and always peeling. I even developed Candida which is a fungus, under my right thumbnail due to the dermatitis. This is caused by dampness under the fingernail. It often got sore and throbbed and it also disfigured my nail. I was very embarrassed about the state of my hands. I didn’t know what to do so I again tried another doctor and he actually recommended Michael’s Dermo Relief and gave me a sample. I used it and found it to be very good so I continued to use it every evening before bed and also used Michael’s Prim-E Cream as a daily moisturizer. Wow! What a difference. My hands finally started to improve and now they just look great. Thank’s to Michael’s Products my dermatitis is gone and my hands look normal once again. They feel soft and supple instead of feeling like sheets of sandpaper."

- Shelley


"A big “THANKYOU” to Michael’s Products. My husband suffers from psoriasis on his knees and elbows quite badly, this makes him very embarrassed to wear shorts etc, your products are too good to be true. He has tried numerous creams etc to no avail, we stumbled on Michael’s in the chemist and the Dermo Relief has taken a dramatic change to my husbands condition. Thank you so much."

- SR


"We have been using Michael’s Dermo Relief for a considerable time now and found it to be very effective in treating the psoriasis problem that we both suffer from. Thank you for recommending it to us as it has made a significant improvement in our condition."

- VBN of Eden Hill