Scars, Sunburn & Stretchmarks: The Benefits of Vitamin E in Skin Care Products

Scars, Sunburn & Stretchmarks: The Benefits of Vitamin E in Skin Care Products


Lack of proper skin care as well as excessive intake of substances such as alcohol and tobacco can accelerate your skin’s ageing process. Vitamin E is an essential component in anti-ageing products as it is an antioxidant. This helps to fight free radicals which protects the skin from damage and ultimately could help minimise the risk of wrinkles appearing.



Vitamin E helps the skin retain its natural moisture. The barrier it creates to protect the skin from free radicals, also helps prevent water loss from the skin. Thus, when using skin care products enriched with vitamin E, the skin can appear brighter, more moisturised and healthier.



Vitamin E can also aid in the relief from pain and discomfort associated with Sunburn. UV damage from extended sun exposure can lead to skin redness, stinging and irritation. Vitamin E is easily absorbed into the skin and can have a calming and healing effect. Furthermore, Vitamin E is also often added to sunscreen lotions to improve the quality of the sun protection it provides.



Vitamin E is a wonder ingredient when dealing with scar removal. Vitamin E can soften the skin and lead to the lightening and smoothing out of the appearance of small scars. Vitamin E supports the skin’s natural regenerative process in order to replace damaged skin cells with new ones. It is important to note, however, that Vitamin E may not be as visibly effective on larger scars such as those from surgery.


Stretch Marks

Similarly to its effectiveness on scars, Vitamin E is also effective in improving the appearance of stretch marks. Pregnant women should reach for their Vitamin E enriched skin care as soon as the stomach starts expanding. Furthermore, Vitamin E can help with the appearance of already existing stretch marks.

Vitamin E truly is a wondrous ingredient. When choosing your skin care, make sure you reach for products containing Vitamin E.