Dimethicone: Your Moisturiser’s Best Friend

Dimethicone: Your Moisturiser’s Best Friend

The skin is constantly exposed to external threats, and without proper care and protection, can be prone to skin conditions and other issues.

A valuable means of protecting your skin comes through moisturising. Moisture is easily lost from the skin due to its continual exposure to the elements and the vast array of skin products and soaps that many people use. This can result in dry skin which is sensitive. To give your skin the protection it needs, look for moisturisers that contain dimethicone. Dimethicone is a skin protectant which creates a protective barrier on the epidermis, locking in moisture and soothing the skin.  Thus, moisturisers containing dimethicone not only moisturise but have additional benefits including preventing skin infections and possessing anti-ageing qualities.

Moisturisers with dimethicone can hydrate and help prevent skin conditions.

Why Moisturise?

First and foremost, dimethicone can help your moisturiser do what it does best. Moisturise. Dry skin is an uncomfortable and embarrassing issue many people experience, so an effective and dependable moisturiser is a must. Moisturisers containing dimethicone add moisture to the skin, which is both replenishing and therapeutic. They also create barrier from external moisture, keeping skin balanced. These benefits can definitely be felt through moisturising; as the skin becomes both softer and smoother.

Skin Conditions

Research has also shown that dimethicone may possibly aid in treating and preventing skin infections. The protective barrier which it forms can shield the skin from infection and help soothe already affected areas. Studies have shown that dimethicone can be effective in treating contact hand dermatitis and reducing inflammation in other skin conditions. For these reasons, a moisturiser containing dimethicone does not merely nourish skin, but also repairs and protects the skin.


While there is no anti-aging remedy yet, proper care for your skin can minimise the effect of time and temporarily reduce facial wrinkles. By moisturising, you are hydrating your skin and protecting it from typical skin wear and tear. Over time, it is this wear and tear which thins the skin and reduces elasticity, resulting in wrinkles. Although wrinkles are inevitable in life, moisturisers with dimethicone can help temporarily minimise the prevalence of wrinkles. This occurs as the moisturiser fills the wrinkles and plumps the skin, making it smoother. For all these potential benefits, seek to switch to a moisturiser with dimethicone.