Day and Night: Skin Care, Anti-Aging and the Benefits of Night Creams

Day and Night: Skin Care, Anti-Aging and the Benefits of Night Creams

Your Skin at Night

The skin functions differently depending on the time of day. During the day, the skin is exposed to threats from the external environment including UV rays, weather conditions, and pollution; as well as various makeup and skin products worn throughout the day. It is during this time that the skin’s main goal is to protect itself from being damaged.

Night creams can help nourish and repair weary skin.

However, at night, the skin aims to repair and renew itself during sleep. The prolonged absence of sun exposure creates the ample opportunity for the skin to regenerate. The safe and controlled environment provides the perfect opportunity to gain the benefits from specially formulated skin care products. It can be argued that without the threats of UV rays, weather conditions and pollution; one can get the most out of their skin care products.

Night Cream vs Day Cream

As highlighted earlier, the skin is concerned with different goals during the night as opposed to day time. Thus, there is often an evident difference between the two cream types. A good day cream should contain SPF in order to provide UV Protection. Furthermore, day creams are often made to be lighter, as they are often worn under makeup or in conjunction with other skin creams. This allows for quick absorption to prevent clogging of the pores.

Conversely, a night cream is made with intention of deep moisturising over a prolonged period. This often means that night creams are thicker and heavier as they have more time to be absorbed. This also means night creams can often be richer and therefore boast more intensive moisturising and even anti-aging benefits.

The Best Night Cream

First and foremost, the ideal night cream is a skin cream which is specifically formulated for deep moisturising. Keeping a day cream on the skin all night does not improve or accelerate its effects so choosing a cream that will make the most of the prolonged night time application is essential.

Regeneration and healing are a focus of the skin’s function at night, so the best night cream will aim to support these processes. Combatting photo-aged skin and restoring elasticity and softness to the skin can be accentuated by key ingredients such as antioxidants, vitamins and essential oils. Night creams which use vitamin E, vitamin B5 as well as rosehip oil and evening primrose oil can help the nourishment and recovery of skin.

Benefits of Night Cream: Anti-Aging

The skin is the outermost layer of the human body and is therefore the first line of defence against external threats. The prolonged exposure to external elements sees the skin grow weary, and the effects of aging set in. Night creams can be used to combat the effects of aging skin. Night creams which contain retinyl palmitate can help firm skin by increasing skin turnover. This means that the cream aids in the shedding of old skin in order to facilitate the production of fresh skin cells. When used in conjunction with soothing ingredients such as rosehip oil and evening primrose oil, such a night cream can possibly help reduce the appearance of age spots and wrinkles.