Why Go Fragrance Free?

Why Go Fragrance Free?

It is common to see that a multitude of skincare, health and beauty products contain fragrances. The sweet scent these products emit may seem enticing, however the effect they can cause on the body has led many to seek fragrance free personal products.


What is Fragrance

Fragrance is commonly known as an addition to products in order to make them smell better. They can be used to add a personality to a product or even cover up a naturally unpleasant scent. Fragrance, although often associated with a natural scent; is often an undisclosed mixture of various scent chemicals and ingredients. In this case, it can be seen that natural scent of a rose and rose-scented product are completely different things. Thus, it has been found these mixes of chemicals and scents can lead to health issues in many people who use such products.


Common Fragrance Issues

Studies have shown that fragrances used in skincare and beauty products have been linked to exacerbating issues concerning allergies, dermatitis and respiratory problems. Since fragrances often contain a concoction of differing chemical scents, it is likely a source of allergic reaction in people. This sensitivity to fragrance is often characterised by headaches, difficulty breathing, runny nose and worsening of asthma symptoms for those who already have respiratory issues. Those with sensitive skin may develop an allergic reaction such as contact dermatitis which creates an irritating rash on the skin.


Going Fragrance Free

As seen, opting for fragrance free products can be the first step in removing allergens from your day-to-day routine. By choosing products that are gentle on sensitive skin, you can give yourself the best chance to remain free from harmful chemical Fragrances.